Spark Tseung

Senior Applied Data Scientist,
PhD Candidate, University of Toronto


I am a Senior Applied Data Scientist at, an InsurTech start-up on a mission to insure the next billion people by making insurance personalized, easier to buy and more inclusive. Personally, my daily work lies at the intersection of actuarial and data science.Besides working in the industry, I am also a PhD candidate in actuarial science at the University of Toronto, advised by Profs. Andrei Badescu and Sheldon Lin. My primary research interest is insurance loss modelling using statistical and machine learning methods.Before U of T, I finished my bachelor's degree in actuarial science at the University of Hong Kong.I hold the FSA and CERA designations of the Society of Actuaries. I also volunteer for this organization.

Recent Work

  1. Tseung C, Fung T, Badescu A and Lin X. (2021). LRMoE.jl: a software package for insurance loss modelling using mixture of experts regression model, Annals of Actuarial Science, 1-22. doi:10.1017/S1748499521000087

  2. Badescu A, Fung T, Lin X and Tseung C. (2021). A better fit: presenting an intuitive and flexible non-linear regression model, The Actuary, 24-26. (Magazine article, not peer-reviewed)

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I listen to KPOP and JPOP.
I casually play Tekken 7 with main character Ling Xiaoyu.
I read both fiction and non-fiction (more specifically, history, language, philosophy).
I have been a member of the Theta Gang since 2020, playing with a number of options trading strategies learned in class.

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